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Bringing together clinical expertise and a fundamental understanding of the populations we serve, Simplify Health is led by some of the brightest minds in the business. Above all, our leaders are passionate about finding the best solutions to help people live their lives to the fullest potential.

  • Dr. Melinda Rees


    Simplify Health Managing Director

    “The most important thing to know about Simplify Health is that we lead with what we believe. Everyone is mission driven, every member of the Simplify Health Team has been recruited because they are clear about making change happen, every one of us will not stand on the sidelines and watch, every one of us has a warrior inside and a team of happy warriors is a force!”

    Melinda is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Managing Director of Simplify Health. She provides executive leadership for Simplify Health and cross-sector partnerships focused on transforming mental health care. Previously, Melinda held clinical and operational lead roles at Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust and a number of other London Trusts. She has also worked in the third sector and abroad. She has twenty years’ experience of clinical practice in a variety of clinical models and interventions across a broad range of populations. Her academic background is in organizational leadership, clinical psychology and healthcare management. Her qualifications are from the University of Oxford, the University of East London, the University of Manchester and Harvard Business School.

  • Stuart John Chuan

    John Chuan

    Director of Clinical Product Development & Innovation

    “At Simplify Health, we are always seeking to develop people and services, adding value in the organisations we work with. Seeing quick results from our work energises the people we employ and our partners. We lead by example, not just speaking but demonstrating values in our behaviour and the way we operate.”

    Stuart is a Clinical Director at Simplify Health, focusing on product development and implementation of innovative services in partnership with the NHS and other care providers. In his previous posts he worked as a psychological therapist, case manager, trainer and consultant in community, high secure psychiatric and prison settings. He previously managed a team supporting psychologically-informed practice in primary care, crisis services, children and family services, probation and the voluntary sector. He is a co-author of the DH/MoJ Working with Personality Disordered Offenders practitioners guide and has been a guest lecturer on the MSc Forensic Psychology courses at the University of Surrey and University of Kent.

  • Tim de Winter

    de Winter

    Compliance & Strategic Projects Director

    “The importance of patient care and ensuring the right results for service users is at the forefront of everything Simplify Health does. We have the know-how and passion to make a significant change in the lives of many. The personal drive and commitment to achieve this by all staff and at all levels is compelling.”

    Tim oversees strategic projects as well as Information Governance, Finance, HR, IT, Commercial and Projects. He has operational, commercial and programme management experience across the public, private and third sectors in health and international organisations. Before joining Simplify Health, Tim was a Management Consultant with GE Healthcare Finnamore.  Prior to that, he served in a variety of roles within Carillion and EE/T-Mobile, including internal communications, marketing communications, international IT test management, M&A programme management, performance and supply chain management and contract governance.

  • Dr. Rhiannon Thomas


    Programme Director

    "I feel privileged to work at Simplify Health and be part of an organisation whose entire purpose is to make healthcare in the UK work better - for practitioners, patients and their families. That ethos defines Simplify Health and the individuals - from the MD through to each and every person working with us."

    Rhiannon is a Psychotherapist. Prior to joining Simplify Health, Rhiannon was a Hospital Director for Priory Group within an acute inpatient setting and Clinical Director for a day and outpatient private therapy service in London.

    She is a qualified solicitor and, formerly, a university lecturer and academic supervisor for the MSc, PhD and PsychD (UKCP) Psychotherapy programmes at Roehampton University. Her academic background is in the implications of phenomenological methods and post-existentialism for psychotherapeutic research and practice, with a particular focus on narrative research and the use of language. Her clinical practice is with a range of populations, including mood and addictive disorders, trauma, and psychotherapy with individuals diagnosed with neurodevelopmental delay.