Our Services

Our clinical teams co-locate with NHS teams to work collaboratively. They do this in our Access Center throughout Utilisation Management and during Intensive Case Management. Supported by intelligent analytics and an interactive Service Directory of locally-verified providers, we’re evidence-based and deliver immediate, tangible benefits to individuals and the system alike.

Grounded in evidence-based best practice and supported by intelligent analytics, Simplify Health ensures people receive the right care at the right time. Our key services include:

  • Access Centre – Simplify Health’s single point of access manned by skilled system navigators and clinicians provides the front door for referrers, service users, and carers, so there’s no wrong door to enter the system.
  • Utilisation Management – Coupling evidence-based clinical tools and service criteria with a systematic evaluation of individual and population care needs, we ensure the right services are delivered efficiently and effectively—the result is reduced costs, shorter lengths of stay, and better treatment outcomes.
  • Intensive Case Management – With personalised care coordination and clinical management for individuals with complex needs and high-risk clinical and social factors, we provide a healthy transition back into the community and meaningful support for living a full life.
  • Service Directories – Our customised directories of local services provide a searchable, publically available database of verified mental health service providers, helping improve service utilisation, capacity planning, and access.
  • Business Intelligence Platform – Simplify Health’s interoperable business intelligence platform captures clinical, financial, and user experience data from multiple sources and services, providing predictive analytics and key insights to improve care and ensure a smooth patient flow across the system.